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I Make Thousands Reselling Online.


You Can Too!

Whether it is...

  • Retail Arbitrage
  • Online Arbitrage 
  • Estate Sale Items
  • Garage Sale Items
  • Or, yes, even 'TRASH'

I'm going to teach you every step of selling on eBay!

Trash2Cash Contains 

  • 170+ Pages
  • 20+ Minutes in Video
  • 100's of Photographs

You Will Learn

  • Checking Profits on Any Item
  • Where to Find Items to Resell
  • 100+ Items to Find Today!
  • How to List Items on eBay
  • How to Avoid Scams
  • Much, Much More!

To thank you for your purchase?

I'm including my other two books FREE!

Shipping Secrets

- and -

Garage Sale Gold

Save Money, Wow Buyers, Ignite Feedback!

Take the Guessing Out of Shipping!

In 'Shipping Secrets' I show you

  • How to Pack Anything
  • Shipping Classes I Use 
  • How to Resize a Box
  • How to Make a Frankenbox
  • 50 Ship Tips

Your Very Own Treasure Map!

You'll Never Believe What Can be Found!

In 'Garage Sale Gold' I show you

  • How to Locate Garage Sales
  • How to Prioritize Garage Sales
  • 10 Steps to Dominate Garage Sales
  • Real Stories of Incredible Finds from Some of Your Favorite Resellers

What if I Don't Have Any Money?
(I buy many items for a few dollars, some even free!)

What if I've Never Sold Anything Online Before?

(This book is perfect for beginners. See Testimonials!)

What if I Don't Have Time to Learn All of This?

(I put you on the fast track to flipping, avoiding mistakes I made!)

Isn't this Expensive for a Course?

(I've had customers pay for everything and more with ONE flip!)

Is this a One-Time Fee?

(Yes! Pay once to get instant access for a lifetime, plus FREE updates!)

How Do I Become an Affiliate?

(I'd love to have you on my team! DM me on Twitter @DoctorFlip after completing the course!)

DAG - "2.5 months after reading your book! I'd never sold on eBay before!"

MG - "This doesn't include Facebook flips!"

FM - "My first month on eBay after reading Trash2Cash! Thanks Dr. Flip!"

JM - "14 days worth! Not a bad start!"

OEZ - "Thanks Doc!"

JL - "I've sold more since taking this pic!"

VG - "I work 40 hours per week! This is just from my spare time on weekends!"

NV - "I saw Dr. Flip on Twitter and grabbed Trash2Cash shortly after starting on eBay. He taught me profit is EVERYWHERE!"

PH - "I've been on eBay for nearly 20 years. With Dr. Flip's guidance, I just had one of my best months ever! Thanks Doc!"

AH - "You've made flipping so easy to learn in Trash2Cash. These are my results just 4 days since finishing the book. I work full time as a doctor, but this is my new addiction!"

EV - "As a college student I'm crazy busy. Doc makes flipping so easy in his book that I can do it in my spare time. I made a sale on day one! This is just the beginning!"

Now? It's YOUR TURN!

I hold nothing back in my books.

  • What Items to Sell
  • Where to Find Them
  • How to List & Ship Them

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You'll Get Instant Access To:

UPDATED Trash 2 Cash PDF eBook
189 Pages
Checking Comps on eBay Video
7:07 Mins
How to List on eBay Video
9:13 Mins
Shipping Secrets PDF eBook
101 Pages
How to Resize a Box Video
3:10 Mins
How to Make a Frankenbox Video
2:34 Mins
Garage Sale Gold PDF eBook
58 Pages
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$65 $48.75


95 ratings
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